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Why Use PCML’s Metal Fabrication Services for Your Project?

At PCML, we have a variety of Metal Fabrication Services that cater to the unique needs of your business. Our dedicated account management policy means we work closely with you through every stage of your project with us, to deliver consistently high-quality products. With complete client satisfaction being the driving force behind the business, we endeavour to achieve 100% on time delivery at highly competitive rates.

Our Metal Fabrication Services include:

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What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process by which a variety of methods are used to create parts to your exact specifications using various forms of metal. For example, a typical fabricated enclosure will be punched or lasered from sheet metal, before being folded into the required shape using a press. A larger project may include many individual pieces that are then welded together to create the final fabrication. Any inserts, whether they be threaded bushes, stand-off’s or otherwise, can also be added during the fabrication process.


What are the Advantages of Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication allows you to cost effectively create parts that would be impractical or impossible to manufacture from a solid piece of metal. The ability to weld various individual pieces together, whether that be sheet metal or bar, allows greater scope for what can be achieved whilst retaining the properties of the metal grade being used.

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