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PCML was founded in 2001 with a simple mission statement: to provide a complete solution to customer’s engineering and manufacturing needs by understanding the individual requirements of each order and fostering a spirit of true partnership with our clients. PCML has delivered quality services in a timely and cost-effective manner by carefully listening and collaborating with its clients and identifying their key issues. PCML aims to ensure that each project achieves or exceeds its own added value expectations. And to this day, the total satisfaction of PCML’s clients has been our main goal and remains so to this day.

PCML believes that to be truly successful in business, one must focus on three key areas:

  1. It is necessary to develop a reputation as a company that delivers exceptional quality, on time, at truly competitive rates and to the highest tolerances.
  2. It is important  to be customer and supply chain focused at all times through a highly motivated workforce of skilled personnel.
  3. It is crucial to stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology. By developing effective partnerships and investing with like-minded equipment suppliers, PCML can provide its customers with the very best service and at the same time stay ahead of our competitors.

PCML’s success to date can be directly attributed to the above, but as well as their continuous use of commercial and technical skills which enable them to minimize manufacturing costs. Our investment in the latest multi-axis CNC Machine Tools, Cobotics and CMM inspection technology, combined with the latest Production & Capacity Planning Software further ensures the delivery of consistently high quality products. Last is PCML’s ongoing investment in the latest Information and Communication Technology.

PCML’s dedicated account management policy allows them to communicate with their clients efficiently, effectively, and consistently at all stages in the partnership, both electronically and in person.

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